Roth House

Olsen Residence

Orlando FL

Year Built:1968

The Roths, as Associate Board members of the Florida Symphony, went to see Nils' house and another doctor's house that Nils designed. That's when they knew they wanted Nils to designed a house for them.

"We couldn't find one thing that we would change".

"There was no change orders in the construction".

"We only sold for health reasons...there were lots of stairs."

They had just moved in the end of March. One of their new neighbors called and asked what could they bring to the party. (It was April first!!) Two old friends had sent party invitations to friends and neighbors inviting them to a party at the Roth's new house without telling the Roths. Their landscaping wasn't in. Thirty years later when they sold the house they found out who sent out the invitations without signing their names.

Kevin Schweizer designed a beach house for the Roths but they never got to build it. Barbara says that it was most interesting. A model of the house was built and the local newspaper carried the photograph.

In 2006 attorney Tom Olsen purchased the Roth House.