Cannon House

Mart Residence

Orlando FL

Year Built:1967
Size:3175 s.f.

From the original owner...

  • After the bids came in $5,000 over Nils' estimate, Mark told him, rather heatedly, that he was never to do a deal again without Mark's input.

  • I was told that there was enough rebar in the block walls to build five small houses. One mason, with the help of one hod carrier, laid all the block and his work was near perfection. The contracter kept telling him to get more help because they were behind schedule. He always agreed very amicably, but then, when the contractor was gone, he would tell me that he wasn't going to hire any helpers because he intended to lay every block himself.

  • When the house was almost finished one of the carpenters and I were standing back surveying it. I was thrilled and thought to myself what a great sculptural edifice it was. I think he was also thrilled, because it was almost done, and his comment was, "You know, it didn't turn out nearly as bad as I thought it would."

  • At one of my parties, one of the guests was quite taken by the house. He walked through all the rooms staring at everything and finally joined the rest of us in the dining room and told me how much he loved the house, and that he "understood" it. The woman standing next to us, who obviously DIDN'T "understand" it said, "Oh yes, it's very nice. Did this use to be the garage?"