Stubbs Studio

Castellon and Mills Residence

Altamonte Springs FL

Year Built:1970
Size:1977 s.f.

Perched on the edge of a lake this three story residence revolves around a spectacular circular staircase with stair treads suspended from steel rods anchored in the ceiling and walls constructed of solid stone almost 16" thick.

The stone, from Wildwood Florida, is a byproduct of limerock used as a foundation for roads. Getting the stone into manageable sizes proved to be a challenge. First attempts to break up the stone by dropping a pile driver onto it from a crane, only drove the hard stone further into the ground. As a final solution a crew was sent to the mine with a jackhammer to break the stone up and haul it back to the jobsite.

Notes from the architect, Frank Sheehy
This house won several awards including:

  • Honor Award, 1970. Mid Florida Chapter, American Institute of Architects
  • Craftsmanship Award, 1970. Florida Association of the American Institute of Architects
Irwin Suberman, Contractor
Donald Garber, Stone Mason