S.I. Goldman House

Kaiser Residence

Maitland FL

Year Built:1964
Size:2424 s.f.

Sig and Marilyn Goldman had spent a year designing the house of their dreams in 1963 with Nils and had spent many long nights together until it was exactly what they wanted. After receiving the proposed cost of the house, they decided to build the house themselves for $35,000. They even became personally involved with Sig doing the electrical wiring and Marilyn distressing the copper fireplace detail. In 1982 they decided to make some changes by adding the pool, koi pond, moongate, hot tub and the 7' block privacy wall around the property. They also added a large storage room with a pool bath on the east side of the house and extended the den by 6' on the west side of the house.

John Kaiser is the second owner and has proudly lived in this home since 2002.