Sheehy House

Cirillo Residence

Maitland FL

Year Built:1964
Size:4336 s.f.

The house was built as a project between Peoples Gas Co. and architect Frank Sheehy. According to neighbors, Frank sat on the property watching where the sun rose and set. He then designed the house to use the sun light efficiently. A stone wall made of Florida chert catches the winter sun. The warmth is then passed on to a terazzo floor via water (an indoor/outdoor fish pond). Floor to ceiling windows in many areas of the house allow for a visual flow from outside to indoors. Small panels of screening divide the windows in the living room, allowing breeze to flow in.

A champagne bottle was mortared into the living room wall and contains a piece of paper with the names of guests, many of them neigbhors in 1964, who attended the house christening party.

The original house which Frank Sheehy designed ended at the kitchen. At that time, Frank's wife had an orchid trellis outside the kitchen window and screening wrapped around the east north sides of the house. The enclosed trellis (now the dining room) was a walkway between the utility room at the back of the house (now a laundry room) and Frank's workshop at the front (now a bedroom).

Counting Frank, who lived there for a few years, the house is on it's fourth owner and the care given to it over time remains evident in every detail.

Notes from the architect, Frank Sheehy
This was my own residence, often referred to as "The Conch Shell" because of the curved walls and swirling pattern of the overall layout. Much of the stone masonry and carpentry was done by me, assisted by Hans Schweizer and Dean Harmon.

The Florida chert stones for the exterior wall an interior fireplace were received free of charge from a local quarry since that was the "unwanted" rock from the quarrying process.

Notes from the current owner, Carl Cirillo
The list of guests in that champagne bottle from the original housewarming party has deteriorated completely; however, we had a NMS Fellows "get-together" at our house in 2007 and several of the neighbors from the original party back in 1964 were present. We created a new list of signatures from everyone here and now that list sits in the champagne bottle.